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The RPCube enables remote power output control with your JrX Receiver with almost any Canon or Nikon compatible TTL flashes.  Using the dials on the JrX Transmitter and/or the digital groups on the PX Transmitter you can adjust your lights up and down right from your camera.  

Compatible Devices:

Canon or Nikon compatible TTL flashes.  Excluding the SB-900, SB-910, and SB-700

*There are two different flavors of the RPCube, Canon and Nikon.  You will need to select a Canon or Nikon version at check out based on the compatibility of your flash(es).  

Note: The remote power control can adjust through 8 stops of flash power.  Each 1/8th turn of the dial on the JrX Transmitter will represent 1 stop of flash power.  Due to the wide variety of flashes available, each 1/8th turn may be slightly greater or slightly less than 1 stop of flash power. 

Cord: You will use the 3.5mm cord that comes with the JrX Studio Receiver to connect your RPCube to your JrX Studio Receiver.  

This item includes: RadioPopper RPCube Canon or Nikon based on selection at checkout. 

Warranty:  This product includes a one year limited warranty against materials defects.  Please see the warranty declaration in your owner's manual.

Returns:  You may return this product for a full refund of all costs excluding shipping and handling charges within 30 days of your order.