Nano Studio Set

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*Made in USA

RadioPopper Nano Studio Set

The RadioPopper Nano studio set is the easiest RadioPopper yet. It is an extremely reliable basic radio trigger with the most powerful radio on the market. Made of a high strength plastic blend, this make the Nano Receiver extremely rugged and durable. With a maximum range of over 1,700 feet, the Nano’s powerful radio allows you to shoot in locations where other triggers fail. The Nano system uses touch sensitive technology.  The Nano is also compatible with all other RadioPopper products on channels 1-4.   

Nano Transmitter

This pocket size Transmitter small and sleek, is designed to complement the contours of your camera. This Transmitter works with any standard hotshoe including the newly update Sony cameras.  It can also trigger any RadioPopper Receiver.  

Nano Receiver 

The Nano Receiver is extremely basic, yet very reliable. This Receiver has minimal obstructions making it small and effective.  The Nano Receiver is very easy to setup. With build in hotshoe, simply slide your speedlite right on.  In addition, there is sync port which allows the Receiver to trigger studio lights.  

Transmitter & Receiver Highlights
  • Reliable Basic Triggering
  • Extremely Easy Setup
  • Receiver Built-in Hotshoe and Sync Port
  • Touch Sensitive Buttons
  • Range of up to 1,750 Feet
  • 4 Radio Channels
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Smart Battery Saving Features
  • Compatible with Jr2, PX and JrX Units
  • Made in the USA
Transmitter & Receiver Specifications
  • Battery One “CR123” Size Battery, 3.0v. Rechargeable approved
  • Transmitter Battery Life: 150 - 300 hours continual running time (depending on battery type and quality)
  • Receiver Batter Life: 75-100 hours continual running time (depending on battery type)
  • Radio Frequency: 902-928 MHz, ISM Band
  • Radio Range:  Up to 1750 feet (depending on conditions and environment)
  • Maximum Sync Speed:  1/250 for cameras having leaf shutters. 

Transmitter fits any camera body with a standard hotshoe. The Nano Receiver fits any shoe mount flash as well as any strobe that is capable of firing via a sync port.

Shipping Items

(1) Nano Transmitter

(1) Nano Receiver

(2) CR123A Battery

(2) Quick Start Guide