Jr2 Photogenic Studio Set

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*Made in USA

RadioPopper Jr2 Photogenic Studio Set

The Jr2 Photogenic Studio set allows you to control the power of your Photogenic Studio lights as well as trigger them remotely. Access stop accurate power control with your Photogenic light. Assign 1-4 groups/zones for multiple power outputs simultaneously. Experience the full 16 channel range of the RadioPopper units. The studio set is easy to install with batteries needed only for the Jr2 Transmitter. Quick and easy installation can have your system linked and communicating within minutes.

Jr2 Transmitter

If you are looking for a simple solution and don't need iTTL/ETTL or High Speed Sync, then the Jr2 System is the perfect way to trigger your off-camera flashes and studio strobes.  The Jr2 Transmitter simply attaches to your camera's hotshoe or PC Sync port. It provides incredibly simple controls that are easy to learn even for a beginner.  Control four groups of the off-camera lights for a variation of power outputs, toggle groups on/off easily, and save up to four group and output settings.  

The Jr2 Transmitter also has a lock function to help prevent making changes unnecessarily.  Another great feature the Jr2 Transmitter has is the ability to trigger your camera remotely.  You would simply need a shuttle release cable specific to your camera and any additional RadioPopper Transmitter.  

The Jr2 Transmitter can communicate with any JrX Receiver.  Px Receivers have this option when used with a Canon Speedlite.

Photogenic Receiver

The Photogenic Receiver allows remote triggering and remote power control of most Photogenic brand lights which have digital interface. Simply attach the RP Photogenic Receiver to the port (RJ-11 port) on the bottom of your Photogenic light and you're all set. The Photogenic Receiver is powered directly from the light and requires no batteries. The Photogenic Receiver is configured using a digital display on the front of the receiver.

Note: The Photogenic Receiver works with all PowerLight and Solair series Photogenic lights except those lights with manual sliders at the rear. A Jr2 Transmitter is required to control power levels of the attached Photogenic light, though it may be triggered by any RadioPopper Transmitter (Jr2, PX, JrX, Nano). 

Jr2 Transmitter Highlights

  • Easy to Use
  • Extremely Reliable
  • Basic Triggering
  • Remote Power Adjustment
  • 4 Groups, Stop Accurate
  • 4 Memory Locations
  • 1,500’ Range
  • Made in the USA

Photogenic Receiver Highlights

  • No batteries required
  • Stop accurate power control
  • Assigned to one of 4 groups/zones
  • Supports all 16 RadioPopper channels

Specifications (Jr2 Transmitter)

  • Dimensions: 1.75” x 2.25” x 1.25” (45mm x 57mm x 30mm)
  • Weight: 1.7 ounces / 48 grams (Including battery)

  • Battery: 2 x AAA Batteries. Rechargeable approved.

  • Battery Life: 20+ hours continual running time. (Depending on battery type and quality)

  • Radio Frequency: 902-928 MHz, ISM Band

  • Radio Range: Up to 1750 ft depending on conditions and environment.

  • Maximum Sync Speed: 1/250 for cameras having leaf shutters.

Shipping Items

(1) Jr2 Transmitter

(1) Photogenic Receiver

(2) AAA Batteries

(1) RJ-11 Phone Jack Sync Cord

(1) Velcro Strip