PX Transmitter

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*Made in USA

PX Transmitter

Welcome to the world’s best wireless flash system, The Px System from RadioPopper. At the core of this system is the PX Transmitter. The RadioPopper PX system allows you to use the automatic and high-speed sync functions built into your existing flash units without concern of whether or not the master and slave units can “see” each other. You now have the ability to place your lights wherever you choose. Control the output power of each slave flash from the camera body manually or automatically via your camera’s ETTL or iTTL logic system. It’s also the world’s first product to effectively provide you High Speed Sync by radio.

Take advantage of eTTL/iTTL and High Speed Sync, all while avoiding the drawbacks of line of sight, short range and sun-light interference. The PX Transmitter controls your remote flashes that have a PX Receiver attached. One Transmitter allows you to control as many flashes as you want. The Px Transmitter can control power levels on JrX and Jr2 Receivers as well. It can also trigger the Nano Receiver.


  • 3 Groups for Varying Power Levels
  • High Speed Sync up to 1/8000th
  • Canon/Nikon/Nissin/Quantum Compatible
  • 1,500’ Range
  • 3 Groups for Varying Power Levels
  • NO Line of Sight
  • NO Sunlight Interference
  • NO Cables
  • NO Programming or PC needed
  • Made in USA

Canon Compatibility

  • 550EX
  • 580EX
  • 580EXII
  • 600EX-RT
  • Commanders: ST-E2
Nikon Compatibility 
  • SB-700
  • SB-800
  • SB-900
  • SB-910
  • Commanders: SU800


  • Dimensions: 2.0” x 2.0” x 0.8” (50mm x 50mm x 20mm)
  • Weight: 2.0 ounces / 60 grams (Including battery and antenna)
  • Battery: Two “AAA” Sized Standard Batteries / Alkaline, NiCad, or NiMH
  • Battery Life: Approx 25 Hours continual active transmit time for Alkaline
  • Radio Frequency: 902-928 Mhz, ISM Band (CE version: 868-868.6 Mhz)
  • Radio Range: 300 ft to 1750 ft depending on conditions and environment

Shipping Items

(1) RadioPopper PX Transmitter Unit
(1) Antenna
(2) AAA sized battery
(1) Mounting Bracket

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